A Cool Home

Every season has its mood and flavour. Seasonal decorating can be fun and challenging, so pre-plan and get ready for a bit of seasonal change. When we think of summer, all we can see is clutter, heat and tired faces. What is required is a refreshing change which can be achieved by a slight change in our homes.

Summer demands a cool and cosy look. Maintain fewer items in your room, as it will make it look bigger and provide an open space for air to flow. Keep the windows open for cool and airy effect and remove all dark coloured stuff.

Glass should be used as much as possible as it gives a feeling of openness so necessary in the summer. Wood can also be used. Wrought iron can be used as a base for tables with glass top. In fact the age old khas khas mats and chataais are the best bet to cool your home. You can even introduce a floor seating arrangement and a soft mattress with pastel coloured bed sheets at a corner of the hall. Leather sofas and steel furniture should be avoided as it gets too hot in summers.

Do away with the synthetic curtains, thick and dark upholstery. Cotton is the best fabric for upholstery during summer. Use pastel shades like lemons, powder blues pinks and whites to cool your senses.

Another way of doing up your drapes is by using a soft sheer cotton curtain and a linen curtain together. During mornings and evenings, the linen curtains could be pulled up to let the breeze cool your home. Similarly, linen curtains can be drawn in the afternoons to avoid hot sunrays from entering the house. Another smart and eco-friendly option is bamboo or chik blinds that can be easily rolled up when not required. Soft cotton and jute furnishings are ideal summer wear for sofas.

Cool colours definitely make you feel cool in summers. Walls can be tinted white or fresh green, in yellow or blue, in subdued or muted tones to maintain the ralxing effect. Shades of aqua, blue or green can be used in the bedroom. The childern’s room and liing room can have bright shades like yellow and pink.

Summer is the perfect time to place plants inside the house. Place them at the entrance of the hall or corners to make a refreshing change in your home interiors. Lots of plants should be used in summers as they give out oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Indoor plants like money plants which are low maintenance can be used. Flowering plants with fragrant flowers like lilies and jasmines can be refreshing. Ixoras can be potted to add colour as the flower in summer.

Use white and blue iridescent accent lights. Change your yellow casting light bulbs with cooler daylight mimicking light bulbs. Look for bulbs that simulate natural daylight, the healthiest eye source for the human eye with reduced eye strain.

So this season give your house a makeover and see it will also enlighten your mood and bring magic.