All about Doors

Types of doors available in the market
Doors can be categorized as

  • Main Doors
  • Safety Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Bathroom Doors

Materials from which doors are made
Doors can be made of wood, ply or block board, glass, acrylic, metal, etc depending on their use.

Glass doors can be used for kitchens so that there is enough light into the kitchen. The glass can be etched with designs for an aesthetic look. Stained glass can also be used to add colour.

Wooden doors can be decorated with simple grooves to make them look minimalist and classy. This can be done for veneered or laminated doors too.

safety grill with colored stones

Safety doors can be made from wood and the grill can be a wrought iron one. Simple patterns on the grill look the best. Wrought iron grills can have coloured stones or stained glass filled in between the grillwork to create a masterpiece. This makes the usually boring safety door a colourful one.

Maintenance of doors
Wooden and ply doors require more maintenance. The doors should have at least 6mm ground clearance. The bathroom doors should be made out of marine ply of a good quality. Make sure that the wood is sealed and well polished to prevent entry of moisture or water into the wood. Bathroom doors can alternatively be made out of acrylic sheets fixed on to an aluminium powder coated frame. Such doors are not that aesthetic but do not require maintenance.

Carved doors wooden should be cleaned regularly by a moist cloth to make them look new and so that the design always stands out. They can be repolished every two years to maintain the shine.

Glass doors should be wiped clean regularly to maintain them. If the glass door has a larger area, insist on a toughened glass to prevent the glass from falling apart in case of breakage.

Everything about veneers, laminates, intricate designs on the doors
Veneer finish consists of thin slices of real wood, which are adhered to a surface to give it the glowing appearance of real wood. This also allows each piece to have the same grain direction and colouring. Veneer can be polished to give it a glossy or matt look or to change the shade of its existing colour of wood.

Laminate is layers of wood, plastic, or other materials bound together, usually having heat and pressure simultaneously applied. Laminates are available in many colours and textures. They are usually referred to as Sunmica or Formica which are actually brands of laminate. The laminated door does not require polishing and is easy on maintenance. But the veneer look is richer and warmer than the laminate one.

Wooden carved doors add a touch of ethnic grandeur to your home. Readymade carved panels can be stuck on to a wooden door to make it look beautiful. This can be done by making a niche in the door and filling it up with a ready carved pattern.

Main doors are usually 3’x7’. The width should be such that big pieces of furniture and appliances an easily come through the opening. The room doors can be 2’6” wide and 7’ high. The bathroom doors can be 2’ wide is the space is less.

Main door frames are best in teak wood. Wooden frames enhance the character of the door. If the existing wooden frame has deteriorated, it can be cladded with veneer or laminate matching the door. Internal and bathroom doors can either have wooden frame or a stone frame. Granite and green marble frames are commonly used.

Colours can be used to brighten up a door and the room. Laminates can be used to do so. Kids room doors could have a collage of bright colours like red, yellow and blue. Just a strip of silver laminate on one side of a dark coloured door can make it stand out. Colour of the door can be matched with the colour of the furniture or the walls in the room. A combination of two contrasting colours also looks dramatic.