Designing your kid's room

In any house, kids' rooms are the best rooms. Even though there is always the mess and the chaos, kids rooms are always vibrant with positive energy. Today's parents want their kids' room to be vibrant and cozy. They have so many ideas for the room. All that love is always seen in the décor of these rooms which turn out to be the best in the house.

Today, kids' room décor is far easier than earlier. Colourful furniture, wall decals, cute wall hangings and cozy beds all are available easily. Here are a few tips and tricks to design your little ones space.

bed-above-wardrobeMark out spaces

Plan your child's activities in the room and make space for sleeping, studying, playing and storage. If the room is small, storage and sleep area can be clubbed together. You can have the bed on top of a wardrobe or have pull out bed to store toys and clothes below. Keep maximum space open for the kid to play and move around. The study table can go on a wall next to a window so that ample daylight can be used while reading.

Wall painting and decals

Make the room a whole lot of fun for the kid by painting characters on one of the walls yourselves or by hiring a professional. Involve your child in selecting themes or animals of his choice. Paint using bright colours. You can also make a stencil by using a thick plastic sheet and cutting designs out of it for ease of painting. Stick the stencil on the wall using tape and fill in colours.

The easiest way to make the room lively is decals. Decals are wall stickers which are available is toy shops or online. Just order your favourite ones and peel and stick them. You can keep changing the decals as the child grows.


Wall painting



kids-curtainsGet curtains, upholstery and bedsheets in different colours to make the room look fresh. If you feel that a lot of characters are already on the walls, go for a self designed or plain coloured furnishings.

Make sure to involve your children when you design their rooms as their input, however young they are, will be as important as that of the best interior designer.