Kitchen Design made easy

Kitchen is an important space in your house. Like your living room and bedroom, the kitchen also needs to be trendy. But many homes today have less kitchen area and the storage that goes into it is enormous. A space saving modular kitchen is a good option to fulfill your storage needs and also make your kitchen look great. A few points listed below should be considered while designing kitchens.

vibrant kitchen

The colour of your kitchen cabinets and the wall tiles usually depends on your personality. You may have bright colours like yellow and red or light shades in cream or white. It is best not to use more than two different colours for the cabinets. For example go for red and yellow or cream and brown. Metallic colours can be used as accents to give your kitchen a trendy look. If the kitchen is too small, it is better to go for light colours as they reflect light and make the kitchen look larger. The overhead cabinets which touch the ceiling can be painted in the colour of the walls to make the kitchen look less bulky.

It is very important to have a window in the kitchen which gives you fresh air and ample light. Invest in a good quality chimney even if the window is of a fairly large size. Chimney makes the kitchen less suffocating and keeps it fresh.

Decide the layout of your kitchen depending upon the size. If the kitchen area is very small, a compact C-Shaped layout would work well. This way you can utilize maximum space for storage. An L- Shaped or a parallel layout would work well for an elongated kitchen. If your kitchen is large or you plan an open kitchen, go for the island concept. You can have colourful lamps hanging over the island counter to add a zing to the kitchen.

Try to keep most of your appliances inside the cabinets. This would make the kitchen look neat. Plan for storing your toasters, blenders and food processors inside the cabinets to keep the counter free. You can have a separate shelf above the counter for your microwave. Use the corners below the platform effectively by placing magic corners or revolving units. Use pull outs for storage of vessels and grains to avoid the task of bending to reach these things after you open the shutters.

As mentioned above, it is important to have natural lighting in the kitchen. Besides, have ceiling mounted fixtures which will illuminate the kitchen well. Use pelmet lights below overhead storage to light up your kitchen platform. You can have spot lights to illuminate crockery units or cabinets with glass shutters.

With a little bit of your imagination you can make your kitchen functional and trendy. So go ahead and design it to make it the best part of your house!