Quick makeover for your room

With the kind of busy lives we live, we need everything to happen fast. One find day we look at our room and say "This room looks so boring….It needs a makeover". But we are forced to do away with our desire because we don’t have time and money to do so. But with new horizons in the field of Interior design in Mumbai, we have a solution- a quick fix. Wall papers and wall decals can change the way your room looks.

Quick makeover for your room

A variety of wall papers are available in the market today. Retro prints to modern lines to 3D ones to glittery motifs…..you name it and you have it. The cost is also reasonable. A wall paper can cost around Rs 50 to Rs 250 per square foot. You can do up a single wall for around 3000 bucks and change the whole look of the room.

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Decals or wall stickers are also a rage this season. A variety of flowers, geometric patterns, mirror decals and lots of kids’ designs are available. Unlike wall papers, wall decals can be put up on wall by you yourself! That adds a personal touch to your room. Decals are very easy to install and remove whenever you want a new one. The cost is also not much.

So instead of spending time and money on paint, go ahead and spruce up your home with these quick and easy options this festive season!