Residential Lighting

Light, its effect and feel can make the environment of the home fabulous and hence its one of the most important part of design.

For clear understanding and ease of deciding the parameters in any design we follow sub-division principle.

  • Natural Light
  • Basic Lighting
  • Highlighting / Focus lighting
  • Mood Lights


Natural light plays a very important role in the overall health and well being of the home and the people residing. So the optimum use of natural light is one of the prime considerations during layouts (organization of rooms and the furniture within).

Basic lighting is more or less just a functional lighting arrangement. The prime consideration for this is working out the light requirements as per the dimensions of the room. Positioning the tubes, bulbs in a manner where its output is maximum and is further enhanced by the reflection from the walls defining the space. The fixtures used for the same should be decorative which enhance the beauty and character of the house. These fixtures make a statement in itself and match the other décor when the right size, shape, colours and material of the same are chosen well.

Focus lights are used for highlighting certain aspects of design like levels of false ceiling, some artifact on the wall, designed glass partitions and textures. These can be used in different colours to give an absolutely white room a nice change. Interesting spaces formed in the layout can be enhanced further with the help of directional lighting.

Mood lighting makes a dramatic change in the atmosphere. Certain lights can be added in the corners of the room such that when specifically in use they change the mood of the area from a normal lighted room to a cozy room for warmth and peace and a dim light room to add a dash of romance.