Window Decor

For your home and office, how you treat your windows reflects the character of the room. Gone are the days when fabric curtains were the only way of treating your windows. New technologies in the field of interior design have changed the way our windows look. Today, a variety of options are available for making your windows look beautiful and filter in the light. Apart from regular fabric curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, bamboo blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds can be used to cover windows and give a classy look to the room.

Here are a few options for dressing up your windows in style.


Curtains can be used for full length or French windows to enhance the height of the room and for ease of use over other options like blinds. The best way to put up curtains in on discreet tracks mounted in the ceiling. By doing this, the curtain rod is eliminated and only the beauty of the curtain is seen. The curtains can be hung straight from the ceiling for an effect of added height to the room. Working on Interior design in Mumbai, we have realized that the height of the flats have become very less and curtains from the ceiling can add some height visually. Use of thick drapes for the living room and sheers for the bedroom maybe a good choice.

roman-blindsRoman blinds:

Roman blinds are fabric blinds which open vertically and give a very neat look to the room. These are used for small windows or box windows. Any fabric can be used for Roman blinds like sheer, jacquard, silk etc. Kids’ room windows look beautiful with printed roman blinds. The fabric required for Roman blinds is much lesser than curtains as blinds do not have gathers.

bamboo-chik-blindsBamboo blinds:

Bamboo or chik blinds have similar mechanism of Roman blinds but are made of woven bamboo. The product is eco friendly and gives a rustic and a cool look to the room. The blinds can be black out or semi transparent depending on the requirement of the room. They are available in a variety of textures and colors to match the room interiors.

roller-blindsRoller blinds:

Roller blinds are usually used in offices but another place to use them at home is kitchens. If a kitchen window is too bright, you can filter the light using roller blinds. Roller blinds have a pvc based fabric and so can be easily cleaned without dismantling them. As kitchen surfaces attract a lot of oily residue, these blinds are a good option.

Venetian-BlindsVertical blinds:

Vertical blinds are like venetian blinds but the slats are horizontal. These are also used in office interiors and rarely in residential interiors.

vertical-blindsVenetian blinds:

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds which are made of various materials like pvc, bamboo, wood, aluminum, etc. These are mostly used in offices and sometimes at home. The angle of the slats can be changed to change the amount of filtered light and visibility.