Your Home is What you are

Your home is always a reflection of your own personality. It depicts your lifestyle and your attitude towards life. So even if you hire an architect or an interior designer to do up your place, it is important that your tastes are incorporated as well.

The main parameters which will reflect your personality are colours, styles and lighting patterns.


The most important factor that brings out your personality in your home is colour. More than anything else, the colours used in the house reflect the personality of the inhabitant. Red colour shows a bold and outgoing nature. During one of my projects, a young couple suggested that the kitchen definitely had to be Red as it showed their exuberant personalities. Another client was of the opinion that none of the walls or furniture of the kitchen should be white. She would love to see colours that would brighten up her life while she cooked. Some people believe in the purity of the colour White. This reflects their peaceful and pure nature.

Bedroom with bright orange wall


Design styles in the house also will reflect your thinking. A modern minimalist home would be for the young at heart, trendy person who is dynamic and believes in the concept of Less is More in life. Rustic styles are for people who want to have a warm earthy home. The traditional and antique styles are for people who love the royal opulence of the past. It is for those who are kings and queens at heart.

Rustic Doorway


Different personalities prefer different kinds of ambient lights. Young outgoing people prefer coloured lights like neons and LEDs to liven up their rooms. Some people love the ambience of yellow lights while some restrict themselves to the white lights. Voracious readers prefer bright white lights in their rooms which help them read easily without strain.

Blue Lighting in Chic Bar-unit